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Yantern Offers Online Webinar for Aspiring Deaf/HoH Business Owners

Successful Deaf entrepreneurs, Melody and Russell Stein, have established Yantern to share the skills that have made them successful. In 2011, they opened Mozzeria, a popular pizza restaurant, in San Francisco. The restaurant has thrived and is in the process of becoming a franchise business.

Yantern offers a variety of approaches to help other entrepreneurs. It provides an online webinar to support deaf and hard of hearing to set up and strengthen their businesses, consulting services for start-ups and for enhancing existing businesses. You can also arrange for speaking engagements through Yantern. All webinar lessons are presented in American Sign Language (ASL).

Melody (left) and Russell (right) standing and smiling. Russell is wearing a sweatshirt with the Mozzeria logo.
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