Wiretap Headphone/Microphone Splitter


Wiretap plugs into your iPhone’s headphone port and splits it into incoming and outgoing signals. This allows you to listen to VoiceOver while also using the microphone port. The most common example would be a credit card swiper and headphones for VoiceOver.

Wiretap claims this will work with PayPal, but initial user testing has shown that it only works with Square.

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The Wiretap splits your device’s mic and headphone signals, while maintaining the dual functionality in one socket. It functions as a regular headphone splitter too.

  • Mic-enabled Headphone Splitter for Portable Devices
  • Enables use of a mic headset with another set of headphones
  • Allows use of credit card readers (like Square) and headphones simultaneously
  • Works as a standard headphone splitter also
  • One jack connects a headset with a built-in mic, and the other connects a standard pair of headphones


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