Chicken Nugget


Chicken Nugget is a Twitter client for Windows designed especially for screen reader users. It features both a visual and nonvisual interface, with virtually all commands available via hotkeys. it’s designed to run in the background, allowing for full control of your Twitter account while you work with other apps. Chicken Nugget hooks directly into major screen readers and also speaks through SAPI speech if no screen reader is available.


Chicken Nugget is a fast and powerful Twitter Client for Windows. It works extremely well with screen readers, and makes all aspects of Twitter accessible to the blind.

Chicken Nugget Features

  • Multiple Account Support: Manage all your Twitter accounts in one powerful client
  • Infinite tweet storage: Every tweet you ever receive will be archived away for you, easy to search through. No more misplacing that important link you saw once!
  • Access from anywhere: Read, reply to, and interact with tweets from any window on your computer, even when Chicken Nugget isn’t in focus using the global hotkeys and screen reader or Windows SAPI speech.
  • Edit your tweets: Mistype something and only realize it once you’ve tweeted it? Chicken nugget lets you quickly fix that mistake before anyone can even notice with the edit tweets feature!
  • Natively Streamed: Where other Twitter clients must periodically update, meaning that the tweets you see are stale, Chicken Nugget uses the Twitter API for all timelines including searches, so you always have the absolutely latest tweets.
  • Automatically read incoming timelines: If you like, you can set Chicken Nugget to read out messages in timelines that are important to you, such as your direct messages and mentions.


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