Endicia Online Postage and Shipping Software

Use the Dazzle Endicia software to print postage from a desktop interface. The Windows version has been tested and is mostly accessible for shipping needs. Some commands require mouse navigation to be used, including switching between menu tabs within the app. The designing of labels is not accessible, but dozens of built-in label types are included so this need is largely mitigated. Label definitions are stored in plain text files if you wish to edit them manually.

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Use Endicia to print shipping labels or online postage right from your desk.

Solutions for:

  • Online Sellers
  • Warehouse Shippers
  • Office Mailers
  • Home Mailers
  • online-professional-seller
  • Shipping solutions for large warehouses

Saving on cost is more than just opting for a less expensive option; it’s about customer satisfaction, and profitable advances in your shipping operations. Endicia offers several online shipping plans, APIs, and integration with over 200 eCommerce partner applications. Our online shipping solutions save you time, provide the best possible USPS rates, and scale with you as your business grows.



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